Hey there!

My name is Jocelyn Cuellar. I am an illustrator and designer, born and raised in So. Cal. A few things that make me happy are my family, my boyfriend, and ice cream. I've lived in the city Whittier most of my life where my parents brought up their Mexican bakery. 

In the last 20 years that my parents have had their business, I have learned how to communicate with people, be a hard worker and to not give up so easily. I've grown to have a love-hate relationship with the bakery over the years; but I always remember that it's more than a sweet bread bakery, it was my first job and my second home.

In my free time, I find myself doodling, making my friends laugh, and listening to music. I'm very inspired by folk art, children's books and films; as well as my family and my culture. Follow me on instragram to see my day-to-day shenanigans @jocelyyn_cuelllar.

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